About Me

Memoirist. Essayist. Prose poet. 

I’ve always embraced the concept “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Whether it’s been earning a master’s degree in history, backpacking Europe solo for six weeks, or teaching English in South Korea for six years, I gravitate to new challenges. At fifteen, I escaped from an abusive home and embarked on a quest to heal my wounds. This sometimes arduous process is ongoing, but I have discovered a deep inner resiliency, embraced optimism as my lifeline, and learned how to finally and fully love and accept myself.

Writing has always been my gateway to self-discovery. My creative nonfiction addresses childhood abuse, the mother-child relationship, sexual assault, body image, teaching, and living with a hearing impairment in the context of a worldwide search for self. In my short-form essays and upcoming memoir, I lay clues to my path of healing, breadcrumbs I hope readers can use to journey through their own weeds of discovery.

I believe with time and patience everyone can mend the wounds of abuse and trauma and step into their power.

My empathy for those who struggle stems from facing my own hardship. Inspired by the extraordinary compassion of those who helped me through my own dark times, I volunteered at a suicide hotline and always offer a listening ear to friends and family. Distance has granted me perspective. At thirty-four, I gave away most of my belongings and moved to Asia. From a safer vantage point, I’ve been able to reach a peacefulness and deep understanding of the characters and currents of my life and come to terms with my mother’s undiagnosed mental illness.

A few interesting tidbits: I have won National Novel Writing Month eleven years in a row. Twice daily, I do yoga and meditation. I collect Batgirl action figures.


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