About Me

Memoirist. Essayist. Prose poet. 

I’ve always embraced the concept “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Whether it’s been earning a master’s degree in history, backpacking Europe solo for six weeks, or teaching English in South Korea for six years, I gravitate to new challenges. At fifteen, I escaped from an abusive home and embarked on a quest to heal. This often arduous process is ongoing, but through it I’ve discovered a deep inner resiliency, embraced optimism as my lifeline, and learned how to finally and fully love and accept myself.

Writing has always been my gateway to self-discovery. My creative projects address the mother-child relationship, childhood abuse, body image, sexuality,  sexual assault, and living with a hearing impairment in the context of a worldwide search for self. In my short-form essays, prose poems, and upcoming memoir, I lay clues to my path of healing, breadcrumbs I hope readers can use to journey through their own weeds of discovery. I also share the healthier ways I’ve learned to write about trauma in my ongoing series with Hippocampus Magazine. I believe with persistence and tenacity, anyone can mend their deepest wounds and step into their power. 

Some interesting tidbits:

My self-care routine includes near-daily meditation, yoga, and chocolate. I’ve won National Novel Writing Month eleven years in a row. My name is pronounced “yo-LAND.” Batgirl is my favourite superhero.


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