1. Buy a cake for your book launch. Preferably a big one. Everyone likes cake!

2. Write “BOOK LAUNCH” in gigantic letters on the cake.

3. Walk around the grocery store with this in your cart.

That’s it! I did this in the fall when my the-anthology-that-published-my-story came out, simply intending to buy a cake for the small party I was holding. I wasn’t trying to get attention, but I got a lot of it.

Three different people approached me asking what the book was and told me congratulations. And I live in a small city! One person asked where the launch was being held so she could go. I had to tell her it was just a private party for my friends and family, but I decided that when I actually *do* have my own book and a public launch, I’m definitely going to do this again.

Has anyone else discovered similar tricks?


Originally published on WordPress on April 14, 2010